Newsletter 16 March 2024

Saturday, 16 March 2024 by Lyndsay Browne

Saturday 16 March 2024 

Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon bridge both have good attendances, but we still need people to  come along on both Tuesday and Thursday nights. 

Jane O’Brien and her team have an enthusiastic group of learners – about 16 in all so that is marvellous. In  due course they will join our Tuesday people so that will bolster our numbers. Thanks to Jane’s team who  are joining the group on Wednesday evenings.

Lost items 

Lesley Holland misplaced her glasses a couple of Mondays ago. Have you seen them as they are prescription lenses so she is not keen to replace them just yet. 

Jenny Peters has lost her keys. They have a distinctive fob on the key ring. 


Sandie Hampton has been working on our website and doing a great job - our thanks. 

Now some more pictures 

Ken and Henny won the New Partner pairs for Mondays. Well done. It is lovely to see two people who are  long term members of the club team up and win. 

Ken and Pauline won the Thursday night New Pairs. Pauline as you start to pack to return to the UK for six  months do not forget to take a photo to show your UK bridge partners.

It is so lovely to see the happy Carmicheal siblings win the Opening pairs. 

This is all I have in the meantime. I have had several more contact changes sent to me so will get an  updated list out soon. Have you checked your contact details. If they need updating sent a reply to the club  e-mail address. 


Lyndsay Brown